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Windsor Park



Our school is dedicated to enhancing your child's growth through a structured learning-through-play program.


We are not-for-profit


Windsor Park Preschool is a not-for-profit school that relies on the contributions of our families through parent volunteer opportunities. The funding for our programs and activities comes entirely from the fees collected during the registration process. As we are a non-profit school, we do not receive government funding.


Our Location


We are conveniently located in south Edmonton near the University of Alberta, with easy access by car, bus, or LRT. Our children spend their time in a bright and colourful room filed with sensory toys, books, and an imaginative play area. The room is connected to a large, sun-filled space with BIG windows allowing for plenty of natural sunlight while the children play in a big open area. Located directly next to the school, just steps away, is a play park designed specifically for preschool-aged children. This is where you will usually find us at the end of each school day!


  • Windsor Park Preschool accommodates children three and four years of age.
  • Children enjoy monthly themed activities, field trips, seasonal parties, music instruction, arts & crafts, as well as baking!
  • Our structured program includes sing-alongs, poetry, rhymes, story-time, and plenty of time for free play and self-discovery.



Our Philosophy


Our philosophy of care focuses on all aspects of growth. We strongly believe that children learn best through:


  • Active exploration
  • Experimentation
  • Guided activities


Windsor Park Preschool provides a loving and supporting environment that encourages our children to learn through play. 



Parent Involvement


As a cooperative school, we require the participation of all the families to ensure the smooth operation of our programs. Involvement in the school comes in many forms including helping in the classroom, volunteer duty sign-up, attending General Meetings, and/or participating as parent members of the Executive Council.


For more detailed information, please view our Parent Handbook.


Parent-duty Days


Parent-duty Day entails a parent from each family to assist the Teacher in the classroom on assigned days in a rotational cycle. On average, each child will see their parent in the classroom with them about once every two months. The parent-duty schedules are created by a parent volunteer from each of the 3-year-old and 4-year-old program, taking into consideration your schedule and availability. The schedules are then distributed via email and posted at the school.


Executive Council


The Executive Council comprises of parent volunteers who act as President, Vice-President, Programs Registrar, Secretary, and Treasurer. Members of the Council meet regularly to ensure the school is running as effectively and efficiently as possible. The Council also ensures clear and transparent information is communicated to the families, as required. The Teacher and members of the Council work together closely in their best efforts to create a memorable, impactful, and empowering early-learning experience for each child, instilling life-long skills they will carry with them as they head into elementary.



About Us

Ms. Allison Neudorf


I have had the pleasure of teaching at Windsor Park Preschool for over 10 years.


My professional career has centered on working with preschool-aged children. I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education. I also have a background in Early Childhood Education, Music, Language Arts and Science.


Preschool is a positive and rewarding experience for a child. My goal is to provide an interesting and dynamic learning environment that will nurture the social, emotional and physical growth of my students. Our classroom uses hands-on learning centres and creative play to introduce children to the learning process. We have many diverse learning experiences involving Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Music and Social Studies.


I love my job, and I enjoy planning meaningful learning activities that encourage my students to be excited about school and to become life-long learners.

Our teacher has years of experience teaching and a genuine love of children.

Our Teacher

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